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Scopely Launches Skee-Ball Arcade™ on Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Apple App Store

The game that’s been beloved by arcade-goers worldwide for more than 100 years has a new look on iOS and Android, with our newest game, Skee-Ball Arcade™!

“Skee-Ball is a classic game and an arcade favorite.  Skee-Ball Arcade puts a modern, social twist on it by giving players the chance to test their Skee-Ball skills against competitors anytime, anywhere,” said Walter Driver, co-founder and CEO, Scopely. “Big Cave has developed a game players of all ages can enjoy, and we’re thrilled to release Skee-Ball Arcade through our Developer Network to help them gain visibility and audience.”

Skee-Ball fans can join daily in-game tournaments with players from all over the world, challenging friends via Facebook and SMS or matching skills with a random buddy. All players who log into Skee-Ball Arcade now through Jan. 17, 2014 will be entered into a sweepstakes for the chance to win a real-life Skee-Ball machine.

Skee-ball Arcade 4 Skee-ball Arcade 3 Skee-ball Arcade 2

Download now and play with friends by visiting:

Leave a comment Free-to-play needs a new kind of publisher – Scopely

The games-as-a-service trend has changed what developers need from partners, and how much input they want.

The world of free-to-play games is a sort of Bizarro World reflection of the traditional games industry, with things working directly opposite the way they used to. Most obviously, the games are being given away instead of sold for $50 or $60 a pop. On top of that, a free-to-play game’s launch typically represents the beginning of the hard work, not the end. And perhaps most surprisingly, developers now want more input from their publishing partners, not less.

That last change could be key for a company like Scopely, the publisher behind mobile games like Wordly and MiniGolf MatchUp. Speaking with GamesIndustry International last week, Scopely CEO Walter Driver explained that the games-as-a-service model has led to publishing partners filling different needs than they had in the past. With a game’s business model now inextricable from its gameplay, developers understand that simply making a compelling experience isn’t enough to create a successful product.

“They’re not just marketing partners,” Driver said. “They’re partners in helping you optimize and tune the game experience…There’s starting to be a clearer functional divide between data-driven marketing, analytics, large-scale server infrastructure, advertising optimization, direct ad sales… These are functions that are quite different from building great games. And to build a large-scale globally successful business, you kind of need those functions. What we’re seeing is there are a lot of great game developers out there who don’t want to build those functions in-house, and would like to focus on building great games.”

Read the full story here.

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September Game of the Month — Knightmare Tower

You might’ve heard of Knightmare Tower before — it made some noise as a popular flash game and it was recently ported to Ouya. I didn’t get the chance to check it out until it was released on iOS earlier this week, but I was immediately hooked. It’s one of the most addictive games I’ve played in recent memory and it’s the type of game that’s truly hard to put down.

Indie developer Juicy Beast is known for their fun, cartoony style, andKnightmare Tower is no different. While the game looks extremely simple on the surface, it’s more than just a standard tower climber. The game oozes with humor, and there’s a surprising amount of depth that you’ll discover as you climb further up the tower, rescuing princesses and pouncing on monsters along the way.

For starters, it’s more than just an endless climber — the repetition of jumping higher and higher is broken up by boss battles and various levels in which new and increasingly challenging ghouls and goblins appear. The progression of your character is also well designed, and you’ll have the opportunity to customize your knight with weapons, rocket ships, and a variety of power ups to propel you to greater heights. And while tilt controls sometimes get a bad rap, they work extremely well in Knightmare Tower. In fact, the play controls are so well designed that it’s almost hard for me to imagine playing the game on anything but a touch screen.

Knightmare Tower epitomizes the type of mobile game I love — it’s approachable, feels native to a touchscreen, and with turns that can last anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes, it’ll have you itching to give it just one more try.

R.I.Y.L. — Ridiculous FishingDoodle JumpJetpack Joyride

Download here.

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Game of the week 6/14/13 — Stickets

If you’re not up for a challenge, you should probably skip this week’s game. But if you like a good brain teaser, you’re in for a treat. And if you also happen to enjoy Brian Eno-inspired tunes and minimalist design, you should download this week’s game immediately.

Download here.

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Game of the Week 6/7/13 — Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

If you like Tower Defense games, you don’t want to miss this one. And if you’ve never played a game from Ironhide you’re in for a treat.

Download here.

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Scopely Hires Former Zynga GM Reed Shaffner as VP of Product

Welcome to the Scopely Family, Reed! “Scopely has transformed the way people think about making mobile games. Now there are no more barriers to distribution and any developer can make a hit.”

Read more here:

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Game of the week 4/26/13 — Crabitron

Henry’s Game of the Week is Crabitron for iPad on the iTunes App Store. As Valve founder Gabe Newell said recently, “I’ve always wanted to be a giant space crab.”

Play this week’s game. You’ll understand.

Read more:

Download here.

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Game of the week 4/5/13 — Tiny Troopers 2

If you like cute characters and the brutality of realistic war-based RTS games (great combo, right?), then this one’s for you.

Read more on Henry’s blog here:

Download on iOS here.

And while Tiny Troopers 2 isn’t isn’t yet on Android, the original game is in the Google Play store and it’s basically the same thing as the sequel. Download it here.

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Game of the week 3/22/13 — Scopely’s Mini Golf Matchup

It was a tough choice this week, but when a game goes #1 in 28 countries it’s hard for it not to be the game of the week.

So I’ve started a new tradition — when we release a game as sweet as Mini Golf, I’ll post some recent gaming news that’s getting me excited. There are some fun links in here, so check it out!

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Game of the week 3/8/13 — Astro Shark

As far as physics-based action games go, Astro Shark stands out, and it’s the type of challenging quick-fix game you’ll have on your phone for a long time.

Read more on Henry’s blog here:

Download on iOS here.

Download on Android here.


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